TNT 2005 "Trends inNanotechnology"
Oviedo, Spain 29 August - 02 September, 2005
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Last Updated: 25 Octubre, 2018

TNT2005 Invited Lectures / TNT 2005 Keynote Speakers / TNT2005 Oral Contributions
(Invited Lecture: 45 minutes - Keynote Lecture: 30 minutes - Oral Contribution: 15 minutes)

Invited Lectures
  1. Harold Kroto (Florida State University, USA): "Some new insights into the mechanisms of Nanostructure Assembly"
  2. Heinrich Rohrer (Switzerland): "The Challenges of Nanotechnology"

Keynote Lectures
  1. Masakazu Aono (Nanomaterials Lab. NIMS, Japan): "Invention, development and application of the atomic switch"
  2. Stephane Auvray (Montreal University, Canada): "Carbon Nanotube Electronics : Electroluminescence Devices and Self-Assembly"
  3. Yoshio Bando (NIMS, Japan): "Nanotube filling with solids, liquids and gases"
  4. Jacques Beauvais (University of Sherbrooke, Canada): "Enhanced competitiveness of slower electron beam lithography processes at the nanoscale as a consequence of shot noise considerations"
  5. Flemming Besenbacher (iNANO, Denmark): "Dynamics of Organic Molecules of Surfaces Studied by High Resolution STM"
  6. Gerard Bidan (CEA-DRFMC, France): "Molecules and nanoelectronics: the functionalisation of nano-objects, a key for hybrid nanoelectronics"
  7. Mei-Yin Chou (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA): "First-Principles Investigation of the electronic, vibrational, and optical properties of semiconductor nanowires"
  8. Russell Cowburn (Imperial College London, UK): "Nanomagnetic structures for metallic spintronics"
  9. Oscar Custance (Osaka University, Japan): "Lateral manipulation of single atoms using Atomic Force Microscopy"
  10. Yves Dufrene (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium): "AFM: a powerful tool for nanobiotechnology"
  11. Pedro Echenique (DIPC/UPV, Spain): "Electron and hole dynamics at surfaces"
  12. Jaime Ferrer (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain): "Engineering the electrical response of nanowires"
  13. Peter Gruetter (McGill University, Canada): "Single Electrons, Contacts and Forces - What AFM can do for Nanoelectronics"
  14. Bret Heinrich (Simon Fraser University, Canada): "Spin dynamics in magnetic nanostructures"
  15. Peter Hinterdorfer (University of Linz, Austria): "Sensing single molecule recognition with the Atomic Force Microscope"
  16. Kikuji Hirose (Osaka University, Japan): "First-principles calculation of transport properties of nanostructures"
  17. Maki Kawai (Tokyo University, Japan): "Electron phonon coupling; one great secret of NANO"
  18. Colin Lambert (Lancaster University, UK): "Spin-polarised electron transport in organic molecules and carbon nanotubes"
  19. Uzi Landman (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA): "Small is Different: Emergent behavior in the nanoscale"
  20. Gustavo Luengo (L'OREAL Research, France): "Exploring the local properties of the cosmetic substrate (hair and skin) by Scanning Nanoprobes"
  21. Bill Milne (Cambridge University, UK): "Carbon Nanotubes as Electron Sources"
  22. Daniel Mueller (Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany): "Imaging and detecting molecular interactions that drive biological machines at work"
  23. Abraham Nitzan (Tel Aviv University, Israel): "Inelastic effects in molecular conduction junctions"
  24. Bibiana Onoa (Dupont, USA): "Carbon Nanotubes and Nucleic Acids: Tools and Targets"
  25. Pablo Ordejon (CSIC-ICMAB, Spain): "Electronic transport in nanostructures from first principles"
  26. Yung-Woo Park (Seoul National University, Korea): "Dispersion and Current-Voltage Caracteristics of Helical Polyacetylene Single Fibers"
  27. Michael Pustilnik (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA): "Kondo effect in nanostructures"
  28. Eran Rabani (Tel Aviv University, Israel): "Drying-Mediated Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles"
  29. Ron Reifenberger (Purdue University, USA): "CNTs attached to AFM and STM tips"
  30. Siegmar Roth (M-P-I fuer Festkoerperforschung, Germany): "Transistor from Individual Nanotubes"
  31. Miquel Salmeron (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA): "Atomic level studies of surface reactions: the nature of active sites, adsorbate diffusion and the role of impurities and poisons"
  32. Ivan K. Schuller (UCSD, USA): "Nanostructures: confinement, proximity and induced effects"
  33. Clivia Sotomayor Torres (NMRC, Ireland): "Propagation and scattering of light in opal heterojunctions"
  34. Nongjian Tao (Arizona State University, USA): "Conductance switching in single redox molecules"
  35. Kohei Uosaki (Hokkaido University, Japan): "Charge Transport in Multilayer Assemblies of Metal and Semiconductor Nanoclusters"
  36. Patrick Van Hove (EC-DG Information Society, Belgium): "Advanced Research in Information Processing Components Initiatives at European Level"
  37. Jose-Luis Vicent (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain): "Ratchet Effect in Nanostructured Superconductors and Biological Motors"
  38. Robert A. Wolkow (University of Alberta, Canada): "Field Regulation of Single Molecule Conductivity by a Charged Atom"
  39. Hongqi Xu (Lund University / Nanometer Consortium, Sweden) "Room-temperature functional nanoelectronic devices and circuits with ballistic junctions"
Oral Contributions (120 oral contribution requests received / 20 slots available)
  1. Hichem Abed (CRMCN/CNRS, France) "Growth of silicon nanowires by laser-sassisted CVD of silane"
  2. Peter Boggild (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark) "Wafer-scale assembly of nanotube network devices using dielectrophoresis"
  3. Stefan Bromley (Universidad de Barcelona/PCB, Spain) "Nanoclusters and new materials: probing the low energy landscape of nanoscale silica"
  4. Simon Brown (Nano Cluster Devices Ltd, New Zealand) "Nanotechnology through self-assembly of clusters"
  5. Paul Campbell (Naval Research Laboratory, USA) "Chemical detection using single-walled carbon nanotubes"
  6. Yves Dory (Institut de Pharmacologie, Canada) "From cyclic peptides to micrometric tubes. A self-assembling process taking place in liquid crystals"
  7. Miguel Angel Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid - IMA, Spain) "Room temperature ferromagnetism in the Mn-Zn-O system: a new interphase magnetism"
  8. Julio Gomez-Herrero (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) "Tuning the conductance of single-walled carbon nanotubes by ion irradiation in the Anderson localisation regime"
  9. Laurence Goux-Capes (DRECAM/SPEC-CEA Saclay, France) "Interconnection of nanotubes through DNA linker"
  10. Joerg Kroeger (IEAP, CAU Kiel, Germany) "STS of Adatom and Single Atom Contacts"
  11. Jerome Lagoute (Paul Drude Institut, Germany) "Electronic properties of kinked and branched monoatomic quantum wires"
  12. Liberato Manna (INFM-NNL, Italy) "Synthesis, applications and perspectives of complex nanocrystal structures"
  13. Elena Mena-Osteritz (University of Ulm, Germany) "2D and 3D Self-assembling of organic semiconductors"
  14. Javier Mendez (ICMM/CSIC, Spain) "Nanostructuring organic material"
  15. Enrique Ortega (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain) "Lateral engineering of surface states: towards surface state nanoelectronics"
  16. Soledad Penades (CSIC - Instituto de Investigaciones Quimicas, Spain) "Glyconanobiotechnology: a new methodology to create biofunctional nanoparticles with application in biotechnology and nanomaterials science"
  17. Ruben Perez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) "Hydrogen reactivity on Au single-atom chains and the fractional conductance quantum"
  18. Carolina Redondo (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain) "An ion-beam sputter for fabrication of non-conformal films, multilayers and sub-200nm nanomagnets"
  19. Andy Round (HH Wills Physics Laboratory, UK) "Non-destructive imaging of single molecules and biological nanostructures beyond video rates"
  20. Alexander Shluger (University College London, UK) "Exciting corners and edges: Nanochemistry of oxides"


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