TNT 2005 "Trends inNanotechnology"
Oviedo, Spain 29 August - 02 September, 2005
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Last Updated: 25 Octubre, 2018

TNT 2005 Exhibitors

TNT 2005 Exhibitors
For More Information about the Exhibiting Packages, please contact with Dr. Antonio Correia (
Raith Lithography & semiconductor Failure Navigation NANOTEC Electronica
Orsay Physics
Suss MicroTec
Biometa Carl ZEISS SMT
Schaefer Techniques
Atomic Force GmbH
Wiley-VCH Scien Tec

Standard package for exhibition booth:

-Exhibition booth (the unit is 2.00 m x 3.00 m) with resistant panels
-Power supply (220V)
-One table and 2 chairs
-Registration for one representative per unit
-Distribution of technical brochures to all participants
-Logo and short description of the company in the abstracts booklet (published in collaboration with CEA-LETI)
-Company logo in all TNT2005 marketing channels (WEB site, Flyers, etc.)


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