15th NID Workshop
Last Updated April 2, 2019

Madrid, Spain From  2005-01-31  to  2005-02-02

The 15th NID Workshop was organised by the PHANTOMS Foundation in collaboration with the Madrid Science Park (PCM-Spain) and took place at the PCM located at the Autonomous University of Madrid campus, about 15km to the north from downtown Madrid.

Madrid Science Park (PCM) has been created by Autonomous and Complutense universities in Madrid, in order to contribute to the scientific and entrepreneurial development in the area

PCM's main aim is to encourage the growth and development of high level scientific research and to promote the establishment of new science-based bussinesses. Facilities include experimental resources for shared use, which are open to both public and private institutions.

PCM has two main areas of research: Biotechnology & Biomedicine, and Materials Science & nanotechnology

The 15th NID workshop gathered participants in the projects funded within the NID pro-active initiative. Presentations from the EU projects and invited talks from experts outside the NID initiative took place during the workshop plenary  & working group sessions and be focused on the application of a broad range of nano-scale technologies to information processing and on the perspectives for replacing mainstream approaches, such as CMOS, when they will reach the expected physical limits for miniaturisation.

Project Reviews
Monday 31 January, 2005
Wednesday 02 February, 2005

Organising Committee:

Antonio Correia (PHANTOMS Foundation - Spain)
Patrick Van Hove (EU/IST/FET - Belgium)
Paloma Garcia-Escorial (PCM-Madrid Science Park - Spain)

Technical Organising Committee:

Fernando Hernández (PHANTOMS Foundation - Spain)
Jose Luis Roldán (PHANTOMS Foundation - Spain)

Confirmed Speakers (Plenary Session):

Nicolas Agrait (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid - Spain): "Atomic Chains: Wires Formed from Metal Atoms"
Alain Cappy
(IEMN - France): "NanoTera project"
Keith Firman
(University of Portsmouth - UK): "MOL SWITCH: a biological molecular motor with the potential to be a self-assembling nanoactuator"
Wolfgang Fritzsche
(Institute for Physical High Technology Jena - Germany): "Parallel Approach for the Integration of Individual Molecular Structures into Electrode Arrangements"
Giancarlo Mauri (Universita Degli Studi Di Milano - Italy): "MOLCONET project"
Danny Porath (Hebrew University - Israel): "SPM and Charge Transport Measurements Through single DNA Molecules"
Xiaohui Tang
(Catholic University of Louvain - Belgium): "SASEM project: Self-Aligned Single-Electron Memories"
Javier Tejada (UBX Laboratory - Spain): "Superradiance Experiments in Magnetism"
Patrick Van Hove
(EU/IST/FET - Belgium): "Perspectives for Emerging Nanoelectronics in FP7"
Herman van Kempen
(University of Nijmegen - Netherlands): "Nanomagnetics Studies on Thin Films and Multilayers with Spin Polarised Scanning Tunneling Microscopy"
Felix Yndurain
(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid - Spain): "Magnetism in Pd Particles "

Working Groups

Previous workshops have been held in Lille (February 1998), Cambridge (July 1998), Marseille (February 1999), Duisburg (July 1999), Pisa (February 2000), Enschede (June 2000), Barcelona (February 2001),Wuerzburg (July 2001), Catania (February 2002), Helsinki (July 2002), Toulouse (February 2003), Cork (June 2003), Athens (February 2004) and Agelonde (June 2004).

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