E-Nano Newsletter (Issue 07)  Publishing Date: 2007-03-01 

Welcome to the issue nº07 of the "E-Nano Newsletter" that three-monthly provides scientific articles, reports and updated information on Nanotechnology and more specifically Emerging Nanoelectronics. The following contributions will be available::

"Nanometrology at the Nanoscale" by E. Prieto
"Nanotechnology: applications and social implications" by A. Correia, M. Pérez , J. J. Sáenz and P. A. Serena
Pico-Inside Integrated Project:
"Molecular switches: Isomerization of single azobenzene derivates" by L. Grill, M. Alemani, K.-H. Rieder, F. Moresco, M. V. Peters and S. Hecht
"STM imaging of molecules on a thin insulating film" by C. J. Villagomez Ojeda, S. Gauthier, A. Gourdon, S. Stojkovic and C. Joachim
"Virtual AFM: NC-AFM from Experiments to Simulations" by O. Pfeiffer, L. Nony, D. Schar, A. Wetzel, A. Baratoff and E. Meyer
"High resolution imaging of electronic and molecular structures assembled on InSb(001) c(8x2) surface with LT-STM" by G. Goryl, S. Godlewski, J.J. Kolodziej and M. Szymonski

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