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The conference aims to address a wide area of research related to nanophotonics, metamaterials, and subwavelength optics encompassing general theory, design, applications, fabrication and measurements. Conference topics include but are not limited to:

Photonic Structures

Photonic bandgap structures
Random, fractals and quasi-crystal structures
Light in confined geometries and nano-cavities
Random lasers and nanostructured light sources
Photonic-Phononic (Phoxonic) crystals
Silicon Photonics


Surface plasmon–polariton optics
Plasmons on metal nanoparticles
Nano-structured metallic and dielectric surfaces
Extraordinary transmission of metallic nanostructures
Interaction of electron beams with nanophotonic structures


Negative index materials, Nano-lensing
Tunable and reconfigurable multifunctional metamaterials
Microwave, millimeter, terahertz and optical metamaterials
Computational modelling of metamaterials

Near Field Optics

Near-field and sub-wavelength optics
Near-field probing and nano-imaging
Optical super-resolution

Applications: Multifunctional Structures

Nanophotonics for enhanced photovoltaic performance
Nanophotonics for biomedical applications
Single molecule detection and single nanoparticle analysis
Single photon emitters
Optical trapping and manipulation in nanostructures
Quantum and coherent effects in nanophotonics
Nonlinear and ultrafast nanophotonics
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