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Maria Alba Martin (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Label-free enzyme biosensor based on porous silicon microcavities"

Miguel Anaya Martín (ICMSE-CSIC, Spain) - photonic structures
"Enhanced Light-to-Electron Conversion in Photoconducting Nanostructured Multilayers by Optical Field Confinement Effects"

Paloma Arroyo Huidobro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) - plasmonics
"Superradiance mediated by graphene surface plasmons"

Ramón Bernardo Gavito (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/IMDEA Nanociencia, Spain) - near field optics
"Near-field study of localized and extended surface plasmon resonance on gold nanoislands"

Antoine Brimont (Nanophotonics Technology Center - Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain) - photonic structures
"Increased sensitivity of delay-interferometer receiver for 10G DPSK for SOI platform"

Blanca Caballero (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain) - plasmonics
"Magneto-optical properties of nanostructured ferromagnetic films mediated by surface plasmon polaritons"

José Raúl Castro Smirnov (ICMSE-CSIC, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Novel approaches to ultraviolet radiation protecting thin films based on nanoparticle multilayers"

Arnau Coll Valentí (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / MNT, Spain) - photonic structures
"Angle emission properties of complex colloidal nanostructures for energy efficiency applications"

Diana Fragua (Instituto de Ciencia de los Materiales. Universidad de Valencia, Spain) - plasmonics
"Nanocomposite based on gold nanoparticles embedded into ZnO films"

Luis S. Froufe-Pérez (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia-CSIC, Spain) - photonic structures
"Parabolic antennae at telecommunication infrared wavelengths"

Francisco Gallego-Gomez (ICMM-CSIC, Spain) - photonic structures
"Water-Dependent Micromechanical and Rheological Properties of Silica Colloidal Crystals Studied by Nanoindentation"

Francisco Gallego-Gomez (ICMM-CSIC, Spain) - photonic structures
"Photoinduced Local Heating in Silica Photonic Crystals for Fast and Reversible Switching"

Antonio Garcia (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain) - plasmonics
"High magneto optical activity and low optical losses in metal–dielectric Au/Co/Au-SiO2 magnetoplasmonic nanodisks"

Blas Garrido (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) - photonic structures
"Silicon nanostructures and devices for advanced LEDs"

Maria Ujue Gonzalez (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain) - plasmonics
"Magnetic modulation of surface plasmon modes in magnetoplasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal cativies"

Henry Gordillo Millán (Universidad de Valencia, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Waveguides based on colloidal QDs embedded in PMMA and SU8"

Pedro Granero (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain) - photonic structures
"2D and 3D light absorption modeling of interdigitated full organic solar cells"

Peilin Han (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain) - photonic structures
"Annealing effect on the performance of PTB1: PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cells"

Laura P Hernandez Eguia (URV/ Escla tècnica superior d'enginyeria/ DEEEA, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Tailoring the optical properties of nanoporous anodic alumina with geometry modification for further sensing applications"

Alberto Jiménez-Solano (ICMSE-CSIC, Spain) - plasmonics
"Integration of gold nanoparticles in photonic crystals: effect of the interplay between plasmonic and optical cavity resonances"

M Carmen López López (ICMSE-CSIC, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Optimized integration of one-dimensional photonic crystals in dye solar cells"

Gerard Macias Sotuela (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Fabrication and characterization of nanoporous anodic alumina bilayers for biosensing applications"

Alejandro Martinez (Nanophotonics Technology Center - Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain) - photonic structures
"Experimental demonstration of photonic confinement in suspended square-lattice silicon photonic crystal cavities"

Mariluz Martínez-Marco (Universidad de Valencia, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"In-situ synthesis of conducting polymers and gold nanoparticles into PMMA"

Alberto Martinez Otero (ICFO-Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Optical optimization for high performance polymer solar cells"

Reyes Ortiz Marchena (ICMSE-CSIC, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Optical analysis of 1D diffraction gratings patterned on nanocrystalline titania electrodes for enhanced photovoltaic conversion"

Daniel Navarro Urrios (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN), Spain) - photonic structures
"Optical characterization of 1D and 2D Silicon PhoXonic crystals with an evanescent light coupling technique"

Maksym Nesterov (University of Zaragoza, Spain) - photonic structures
"Graphene supports the propagation of subwavelength optical solitons"

Alejandro Ortega-Moñux (Universidad de Málaga, Spain) - photonic structures
"Silicon sub-wavelength structures for refractive index and dispersion engineering"

Esteban Pedrueza Villalmanzo (Instituto de Ciencia de los Materiales - Universidad de Valencia (ICMUV), Spain) - plasmonics
"Au and Ag nanoparticle-doped-TiO2 thin films: structural and optical characterization and antireflective properties"

Carmen Rial (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) - photonic structures
"Direct ink writing of ZnO three-dimensional terahertz photonic crystals"

David Rivas (Intituto de ciencia de los materiales, Spain) - photonic structures
"Single photons emitted by quantum dots: towards all-optical q-gates"

Manuel Rodrigo (DAS Photonics, S.L., Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Application of nanophotonic biosensors for the detection of traces of DMMP"

Pedro Rodríguez Cantó (Universidad de Valencia, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales, Spain) - plasmonics
"Plasmonic layers of colloidal Ag nanoparticles for enhancement of light trapping in silicon solar cells"

Elisabetta Romano (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, DEEEA, Spain) - applications: multifunctional structures
"Disordered macroporous silicon as optical filter in the medium infrared region"

Jose A. Sánchez-Gil (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (CSIC), Spain) - plasmonics
"Plasmonic Fano resonances on single nanorods: Application to refractive index sensing"

Fernando Villate (Universdidad de Zaragoza, Spain) - plasmonics
"Light Harvesting at the Infrared"

Miztli Yolotzin Yépez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) - photonic structures
"Perturbative approach for the statistical scattering of waves in disordered waveguides: closed channels contributions and the effective medium approximation"

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