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I2DM2024. November 25-28, 2024. Abu Dhabi, UAE [25-11-2024]
Join us on an exciting event into the future of Graphene and Advanced Materials at the Innovative & Industrial 2D/Advanced Materials Summit & Expo (I2DM2024). This cutting-edge International Summit will bring together world leaders, prominent researchers, and industry visionaries to explore and unlock the boundless potential of Advanced Materials.
Related Events
AI4AM2024. July 02-04, 2024. Barcelona (Spain) [02-7-2024]
2D materials, Quantum, Artificial intelligence
Graphene2024. June 18-21, 2024. Madrid (Spain) [18-6-2024]
Nanospain2024. June 04-07, 2024. Tarragona (Spain) [04-6-2024]
NanoMaterials, NanoBiotechnology, Graphene
International Summit on Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (ISSON2024) May 29-31, 2024. Prague (Czech Republic) [29-5-2024]
NanoMaterials, NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, 2D materials
ChemOnTubes 2024 Conference April 07-11, 2024 Strasbourg (France) [07-4-2024]
NanoTubes, NanoChemistry, Graphene

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