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Passion for Knowledge. October 02-07, 2023. San Sebastian (Spain) [02-10-2023]
Passion for Knowledge (P4K) is an international science festival open to the general public, organised by the Donostia International Physics Centre. With an innovative approach and an extensive programme of activities, the festival aims to bridge the gap between the scientific community and society at large.
Related Events
NANO.IL.2024 – The International Nanotechnology Conference in Israel. February 27-29, 2024. Jerusalem (Israel) [27-2-2024]
NanoBiotechnology, NanoMedicine, Nanotechnologies
nanoBalkan International Conference (NB2023). October 16-20, 2023 Tirana (Albania) [16-10-2023]
NanoMaterials, Nanotechnologies, Graphene
INL Open Day. September 30, 2023. Braga (Portugal) [30-9-2023]
Nanomed Europe 23. June 23 - 22, 2023. Liverpool, UK [19-6-2023]
NanoMedicine, Nanotechnologies
2022 Fall Meeting. September 19-22, 2022. Warsaw (Poland) [19-9-2022]
NanoMaterials, Nanotechnologies

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