E-Nano Newsletter (Issue 28)  Publishing Date: 2013-12-01 

Welcome to the Special Issue No. 28 of the "E-Nano Newsletter" that three-monthly provides scientific articles, reports and updated information on Nanotechnology and more specifically Emerging Nanoelectronics. The following contributions will be available:

"Electron tunnelling manipulation of self-assembled molecular nanostructures" (AtMol) by F. Moresco, A.Nickel, R. Ohmann, J. Meyer, M. Grisolia, C. Joachim and G.Cuniberti.
"Coronene: A Single Molecule Atom Counter" (AtMol) by C. Manzano, W. H. Soe, M. Hliwa, M. Grisolia, H. S. Wong and C. Joachim.
"Measuring the conductance of single molecular wires as a function of the electron energy" (AtMol) by M.Koch, F. Ample, C. Joachim and L. Grill.
"Synthesis of Y-Shaped Polyarenes, Crushed Fullerenes and Nanographene Fragments" (AtMol) by P. Calleja, R. Dorel, P. Mc Gonigal, P. de Mendoza, and A. M. Echavarren.

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