E-Nano Newsletter (Issue 23)  Publishing Date: 2012-01-10 

Welcome to the Special Issue No. 23 of the "E-Nano Newsletter" that three-monthly provides scientific articles, reports and updated information on Nanotechnology and more specifically Emerging Nanoelectronics. The following contributions will be available:

"(nanomagma EU project). Ultrafast acousto-magneto-plasmonics in hybrid metal-ferromagnet multilayer structures", by V. Temnov
"(nanomagma EU project). Label-free ligand ?shing in human plasma using surface plasmon resonance and mass spectrometry imaging", by E. Ly-Morin, W. Boireau, P. Ducouroy, S. Bellon and C. Frydman
"(nanomagma EU project). Light localization on a gold nanodisk array probed by near-?eld optics", by L. Lalouat, L. Aigouy, P. Prieto, A. Vitrey, J. Anguita, A. Cebollada, M.U. Gonzalez and A. Garcia-Martin
"(nanomagma EU project). Controlling ?uorescence resonant energy transfer with a magneto-optical nanoantenna", by R. Vincent and R. Carminati
"(nanomagma EU project). Internal electromagnetic ?eld distribution and magneto-optical activity of metal and metal-dielectric magnetoplasmonic nanodisks", by D. Meneses-Rodriguez, E. Ferreiro-Vila, J. C. Banthi, P. Prieto, J. Anguita, A. Garcia-Martin, M. U. Gonzalez, J. M. Garcia-Martin, A. Cebollada, and G. Armelles
"(nanomagma EU project). Magneto-Optical properties of nanoparticles", by R. Gomez-Medina, B. Garcia-Camara, I. Suarez-Lacalle, L. S. Froufe-Perez, F. Gonzalez, F. Moreno, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J. J. Saenz
"(nanomagma EU project). Three-dimensional optical metamaterials and nanoantennas: Chirality, Coupling, and Sensing", by H. Giessen
"(nanomagma EU project). Spin transfer RF nano-oscillators for wireless communications and microwave assisted magnetic recording", by U. Ebels, M. Quinsat, D. Gusakova, J. F. Sierra, JP Michel, D. Houssameddine, B. Delaet, M.-C. Cyrille, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu and B. Dieny
"(nanoICT EU project). Characterization of an electrostatically actuated Pd coated MEMS resonators", by J. Henriksson, J. Arcamone, G. Villanueva and J. Brugger
"(nanoICT EU project). Optical analysis (study) of InAsP/InP core shell nanowires", by F. Jabeen, B. Ketterer, G. Patriarche, A. Fontcuberta I Morral and J-C. Harmand
"(nanoICT EU project). Brillouin light scattering measurements in crystallographically tuned thin Co-?lms", by O. Idigoras, B. Obry, B. Hillebrands and A. Berger
"(nanoICT EU project). Temperature distribution of heated membranes for stencil lithography application", by S. Xie, D. Ducatteau, B. Legrand, V. Savu, L. Buchaillot and J. Brugger

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