Enano Newsletter 11

E-Nano Newsletter nº 11 (Pdf format) 

E-Nano Newsletter (Issue 11)  Publishing Date: 2008-03-01
Welcome to the issue nº11 of the "E-Nano Newsletter" that three-monthly provides scientific articles, reports and updated information on Nanotechnology and more specifically Emerging Nanoelectronics. The following contributions will be available:

Research / Nanospain :

  • "CMOS-integrated nanomechanical resonators as versatile and ultra-sensitive mass sensors" by J. Arcamone, M. A. Fvan den Boogaart, T.Ondarçuhu, E. Dujardin, F. Serra-Graells, G. Abadal,N. Barniol, J. Brugger and F. Pérez-Murano
  • "Glyconanoparticles for biomedical applications:Dynamic AFM and opto-magnetic detection of molecular interactions" by M. Luna, M. Köber, M. Fuss, F. Briones, G. Ochoa, J. M.de la Fuente and S. Penades
  • "Magneto-plasmonic materials: tuning magnetooptics with plasmons" by G. Armelles, A. Cebollada, A. García-Martín, J.M. García-Martín, J.V. Anguita, J.B. González-Díaz, J.F. Torrado andE. Ferreiro
  • "Design and production of micro and nanostructured polymer substrates for cell culture applications" by E. Martínez, C.A. Mills, A. Lagunas, M. Estévez, S.Rodríguez-Segui, J. Comelles, S. Oberhansl and J. Samitier
  • "An easy to scale-up preparation of unirrom unilamellar nanovesicles using CO2-expanded solvents " by K. M. Cano, S.Sala, N. Ventosa and J. Veciana
  • "Optical resonances in finite arrays of dielectric nanorods" by S. Albaladejo, M. Laroche and J.J. Sáenz

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