Iberlaser was setup in 1993, and is based in Madrid-Spain. Our principal mission statement is provide research Spanish market with the novel instrumentation  and  highly qualified servicing .
Our lines of products include:  

Bio-technology:  Complete Microscopy solutions.
Laser Technology.  CW  and Pulsed lasers covering the range  UV-VIS-IR
Low light Imaging:  High performance digital cameras and imaging software packages
Solar Simulators and illumination sources
Spectroscopy: Spectrographs and detectors. Time resolved and steady state fluorimeters.  
Surface chemistry: Interface Analysis,  Dip coaters,  Monolayers preparation and characterization. Microbalance QCM.

Contact us:
Web site: www.iberlaser.es
Email: info@iberlaser.com
Tel: 91 658 67 60  Fax: 91 654 17 00
Avda. Pirineos, 7 - Oficina 2-8b
28700 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) SPAIN
LASER 2000

Laser 2000 is the expert distributor devoted solely to optics and photonics. Target markets are Science and Research, Biotechnology and Healthcare, Energy and Photovoltaics, Image processing, Security, Defence and Space, Light and Colour Measurements, Industry,...
We help innovative and quality manufacturers making their products wide known; we help customers from our technical knowledge, support and advice, making them aware of those products. Key ones are:

- Lasers (DPSS, diode, fibre, deep UV to mid-IR, SLM,...)
- LEDs, broadband and flourescence sources
- Detectors, power and energy measurement, beam analysis
- Spectrometers and spectroradiometers
- Imaging, light and colour measurement
- Optomechanics, positioning and motion control

We are present in the whole of Western Europe and active in Spain and Portugal since October 2006

Contact us:
Web: www.laser2000.es
Email: juanluis@laser2000.es
Tel: +34 650 529 806 Fax: +34 976 299 150
Laser 2000, Sales office Iberia
c/ Doctor Palomar 28, 1ºA
50002 - Zaragoza, SPAIN

M.T. brandão

MTB Spain, founded in October 1993, distributes and provides after sales service for leading manufacturers in the field of Spectroscopy, Lasers, Metrology and Surface Analysis Instrumentation.

MTB Spectroscopy and Lasers division is the exclusive distributor of the following companies:

  1. Horiba Jobin Yvon, world wide leader in Raman Spectrometers, Micro-Raman and combined FT-IR – Raman Spectrometers, Fluorometers, Elipsometers, CCD’s & ICCD’s, Monochromators and Gratings.
  2. JDSU, one of the major manufacturers of Diode Lasers
  3. EKSPLA, European manufacturer of Solid State Lasers (Diode Pumped, OPO) and ns / ps Lasers for scientific applications.
  4. Sacher Lasertechnik, leader in Littman/Metcalf and Littrow cavities Lasers, suitable for Raman, Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy and atom cooling and trapping.

MTB Image, Test & Measurement division distributes FRT – Fries Research & Technology, leader in optical surface characterisation from the same sample location, using Multi Sensor Metrology. Between the most used sensors are Chromatic White Light, Confocal Microscope, White Light Interferometer, Thin Film Reflectometer and AFM - Atomic Force Microscope.

MTB not only provides equipments but also complete solutions for specific applications, combining different analysis techniques such as Raman, TCSPC Fluorescence, AFM, SNOM, TERS and Photoluminescence.

Contact us:
Sandrine Grenet
División Láser y Espectroscopía
Ronda de Poniente, 12, 1º, A
28760 TRES CANTOS (Madrid)
Tel. +34 918 062 240
Fax +34 918 031 536
Web: www.mtb.es

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