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Last Updated May 19, 2005

Monasterio de Santa Cruz la Real,  Conference Location

           The conference will be held in Segovia, UNESCO World Heritage City, at the "Monasterio de Santa Cruz la Real" on the SEK University Campus.
IMPORTANT: ALL persons with a Residence room should pick up their room keys at the Residence "Reyes Catolicos". There will be a person on duty 24hrs.

  • Congress participants picture available here
           This conference will be the eighth in a series of international meetings focusing on the atomic-scale structure at clean and adsorbate covered single-crystal surfaces. Since the last conference it was broadened to explicitly include also the diffusion dynamics at crystal surfaces and the relation between dynamics and structure.

           Some of the topics to be covered will include mainstream surface work on oxides, surface alloys, surface stress, surface thermodynamics, self-assembled systems and nanostructuring, magnetic surfaces, surface engineering, surface imaging. As expected, a bunch of both theoretical and experimental studies (ab initio calculations, DFT, quantitative LEED, real time STM, FIM, AFM, ..) will be presented for experienced scientists in the field.

           As in the previous conferences there will be a number of internationally highly reputed invited speakers as well as young "rising stars".

           Interaction between participants and with invited speakers to exchange ideas and define promising strategies for the future will be encouraged by a warm ambiance in an historical environment like Segovia.

           The Previous European Conferences on Surface Crystallography (and Dynamics) have been held in:
  • 1985 Erlangen (Germany)
  • 1988 Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • 1991 San Miniato (Italy)
  • 1993 Aarhus (Denmark)
  • 1995 Banz (Germany)
  • 1998 La Grande Motte (France)
  • 2001 Leiden (The Netherlands)
           They enjoyed the attendance of about 100 (both young and senior) scientists, mainly from Europe but also from abroad. And, as in all the cases, we expect the conference in Spain will be very interesting as well as a lively meeting.
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