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Pico-Inside Integrated Project

Creating an Atomic Scale Technology is now a necessity for any uni-molecular device and machine in molecular electronics, molecular mechanics, molecular transducers and for laboratory scale experiments on one molecule. In the IST priority 2 of the FP6 (Emerging Nanoelectronics FET proactive initiative), the Pico-Inside consortium will explore Atomic Scale Technology with the final goal of integrating a complex logic gate inside a single molecule.

  cuadro   News (84)
     cuadro Scientists invent 1.2nm molecular gear (15-06-2009)
     cuadro IBM scientists directly measure charge states of atoms using an atomic force microscope (12-06-2009)
     cuadro EU-funded researchers unveil new technique for measuring charge states (12-06-2009)
  cuadro   Conferences (30)
  cuadro   Jobs (17)
     cuadro PostDoctoral Position: Carbon nanotube-based flexible and high frequency electronic devices, France (18/5/2009)
     cuadro PostDoctoral Position: Molecular opto-spintronics, France (20/2/2009)
     cuadro Ph.D./Postdoc positions: Programmable DNA Materials, Finland (20/2/2009)
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