GrapheneforUS 2019 (New York, USA): February. 14-15, 2019

New York (USA) will host the 2nd edition of the Graphene & 2D Materials International Conference and Exhibition (GrapheneUS): February 14-15, 2019.

GrapheneUS 2019 will be a 2 days event that means to gather the key players of the Graphene Community and related sectors. This event is launched following the success of the 2018 edition and the lack of meetings in the field in the US. It aims to become an established event, attracting global participants, intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of graphene-related scientific and commercial developments.


GraphIn 2019 (Madrid, Spain): February. 21-22, 2019

Madrid (Spain) will host the 3rd edition of the graphIn International Workshop (Graphene Industry – Challenges & Opportunities)
This 2 days workshop aims at presenting the current state of the art and the opportunities of graphene and 2DM-based materials and devices and its industrial challenges and opportunities, focusing on the most recent advances in technology developments and business opportunities in graphene and 2DM commercialization. Key representatives of "graphene companies" will share their market vision and business opportunities in diverse current market fields of graphene products and applications, such as energy, bio&health or electronics.
This unique international event will provide a forum for sharing and developing innovations for the functional materials industries. The aim of graphIn will be to develop the relationships that will accelerate graphene industrial growth.


NanoSpain2019 (Barcelona, Spain): May. 28-31, 2019

Consolidated as a reference meeting of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) in Spain, the conference NanoSpain 2019 is not limited to a conventional presentation of ideas or results, but seeks to deepen the common themes among the participants, also serving as a link between industry and researchers.

Since 2004, year the event was launched, NanoSpain conference series is now an established and well-known meeting in Spain, aiming to agglutinate and coordinate the efforts made in the field of the Nanotechnology by Spanish groups from universities, research institutes and companies.


Graphene 2019 (Rome, Italy): June. 25-28, 2019

The 9th edition of Graphene Conference series, the largest European Event in Graphene and 2D Materials, will be organized in Rome (Italy): June 25-28, 2019. Over the past 8 editions, the Graphene Conference strengthened its position as the main meeting point of the Graphene community Worldwide.


chem2Dmat2019 (Dresden, Germany): September. 03-06, 2019

During the last years, the chemistry of graphene has played an ever increasing role in the large-scale production, chemical functionalization and processing as well as in numerous applications of such material, and it has been expanded to various new 2D inorganic and organic materials. This conference aims at providing a forum to the rapidly growing community of scientists mastering the chemical approaches to 2D materials in order to fabricate systems and devices exhibiting tunable performance. The chemical approach offers absolute control over the structure of 2D materials at the atomic- or molecular-level and will thus serve as enabling strategy to develop unprecedented multifunctional systems, of different complexity, featuring exceptional physical or chemical properties with full control over the correlation between structure and function.


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