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Degree: 0
Name: Rosa
Surname: Menendez
Department: Chemistry of Materials
Address: Francisco Pintado Fe, 26
Phone: +34985118991
Position: Permanent staff
Short CV: 
My research activity has been performed in the Instituto Nacional del Carbon (INCAR-CSIC), in projects in collaboration with leading entreprises in the sector of carbon materials and energy, companies with a strong belief in the need for development and innovation to achieve their industrial objectives. I would like to mention above all my collaboration with ALCOA-Europe and REPSOL YPF for the production of a new generation of more environmentally friendly pitches for the aluminium industry; with Industrial Química del Nalón S.A., REPSOL YPF and Chemcity in the search for new precursors and new technologies for the preparation of fibres and carbon materials for batteries and supercapacitors; with Allied Signal and Societé Européenne de Propulsion for the development of more efficient matrix precursors for C-C composites; with ENDESA for the development of oxicombustion technology for CO2 capture and finally, with Hidrocantábrivo Energy (edp group) for the development of a red-ox battery proptotype for the storage of energy from the eolic sector. This research work has been and is supported by European (Coal and Steel Program and 6th Framework Program), National and Regional Programs, and by research contracts with companies. The results are contained in more than a hundred (160) papers included in SCI, and 55 contributions to multi-author books and 4 chapters of books. Aditionally, I have participated in more than 200 technical reports and I am co-inventor of 7 patents.
CV: Curriculum Vitae