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The Phantoms Foundation focuses its activities on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and is a key actor in structuring and fostering European Excellence and enhancing collaborations in this field. Our goals are i) to provide an innovative platform for dissemination, transfer and transformation of basic nanoscience knowledge; and ii) to strengthen interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and nanotechnology and catalyse collaboration among international research groups and favour the emergence of new joint project proposals.
  cuadro   News (926)
     cuadro Spanish Navy initiates graphene bulletproof vest research (01-02-2016)
     cuadro Spanish EUREKA Chair (08-07-2016)
     cuadro Intel and Tyndall National Institute Renew $1.5 Million Research Partnership (01-07-2016)
  cuadro   Conferences (519)
     cuadro Carbonhagen2016. August 17-18, 2016. Copenhagen (Denmark)
     cuadro JMC15. August 22-26, 2016. Bordeaux (France)
     cuadro Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2016). September 05-09, 2016. Fribourg (Switzerland)
  cuadro   Jobs (907)
     cuadro PostDoc Position: Design and fabrication of semiconductor nanodiodes for THz applications, Spain (21-07-2016)
     cuadro PostDoc Position: New technologies based on graphene and semiconductor nanostructures, Spain (21-07-2016)
     cuadro Job Position: Research Associate in Linear Scaling DFT Studies of Semiconductor Nanowires, United Kingdom (19-07-2016)
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