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Along the years, FET European integrated projects like Pico-Inside and more recently AtMol ( 2011-2014) have introduced the first elementary bricks of a possible Atom Tech process flow for fabricating a molecular chip that is a chip whose interconnected atomic scale circuits will be able to provide a large computing power with a very low power consumption. This includes UHV tools and processes like transfer printing or packaging, the back interconnect process, atomic scale tip apex construction, atom by atom construction techniques, wafer-bonded capping techniques and numerical tools to simulate large atomic scale electronic circuits including the supporting surface. It is now time to confront those research laboratories technologies with pre-development requirements for the industry targeting the construction of a pilot line of Atom Tech circuits and devices. To discuss the possibilities of the construction of such a pilot line, the AtMol consortium is organising a restricted access workshop in December 2014. This workshop will regroup the best AtMol experts of the different technological bricks listed above and the best of the industry for UHV tools for atomic scale imaging, construction, characterisation & interconnections, for wafer-surface preparation for atomic scale construction, interconnects & packaging and for large scale atomistic simulation tools for atomic scale circuits.

We expect that this event will prove the viability of Atom Tech that offer a potential economic advantage, but which cannot be commercialised directly and will allow extended discussions between the different groups involved in the AtMol project and the industry and therefore foster cooperation between them. This initiative should facilitate the decision-making process for industrial partners, by providing the suited information and deep overviews of expert perspectives and therefore allow a better integration of the European Industry in research projects.

  • Antonio Correia (Phantoms Foundation, Spain)
  • Christian Joachim (CEMES-CNRS, France)
Technical organisers
  • N. Batonneau (CEMES-CNRS Toulouse, France)
  • M. Fernandez (Phantoms Foundation, Spain)
  • J.L. Roldan (Phantoms Foundation, Spain)
Location & date

This event will take place at CEMES-CNRS (Toulouse, France)
December 01, 2014.
For any questions regarding this AtMol Industrial workshop (participation, etc.), please contact:
Christian Joachim
Scientific program
E-mail: joachim(at)
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